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Recommended Brands 

Products from these brands make up the bulk of my wardrobe and they are the first places I check when I need a new piece.

Some of these links provide me with a small commission for any purchase made through them. I appreciate everyone who supports the site by using these links. 


This shop's aesthetic is the perfect match for the current moment. They have a strong selection seasonal ties, Shetland sweaters, and vintage-inspired shirts. An Anglo-Italian MTM suit costs less than a RTW suit from Ring Jacket or Sartoria Formosa, and is my recommendation for those looking for a step up from Suitsupply and Spier & MacKay. 


With physical stores in most major U.S. metro areas, this is the most accessible store for guys just getting into menswear.  The Napoli, their entry-level suit is quite affordable and they always carry suits in interesting fabrics. Their tuxedos are a highlight and the tuxedo package can't be beat.

Spier & MacKay 

Arguably the best value in classic menswear. Their Neapolitan cut jackets are comparable in look and quality to those from much more expensive brands. Known for their sport coats, but also has affordable MTO shirts and suits. 


Use code TPF397 for 20% off your first order.

Proper Cloth

Probably the best online made-to-measure shirts and the majority of the shirts in my closet. Excellent customer service, fast shipping, and extensive fabric selections. I recommend the Roma Spread collar.  


This link gets you $20 off your first order.


A Norwegian menswear store with an elegant Italian cut to their house line suits and jackets. They also stock a curated line of other menswear brands from Italy, the UK, and Japan. Excellent end-of-season sales.

The Armoury

Possibly the best menswear store in the world and an early driver of the classic menswear revival. They stock an exceptional list of brands and have some of the most stylish and nicest employees in menswear.


A relatively new British knitwear brand dedicated to bringing back the high quality of knitwear from days past. Their sweaters are heirloom pieces that will last a lifetime and are so soft you'll have to constantly steal it back from your girlfriend/wife. 

TLB Mallorca


Easily the best shoes available at midrange prices, especially their Artista line, which has many features only normally seen on much more expensive shoes. My first recommendation for someone looking to start their dress shoe collection.

No Man Walks Alone

A great conglomeration of classic menswear pieces and eclectic and interesting streetwear from around the world. They no longer carry Eidos, but their new  No Man Walks Alone X Sartoria Carrara looks promising and they also stock Camoshita and Sartoria Formosa.

H.N. White London

The best place to find real ancient madder ties. This shop also has lovely Irish poplin, wool challis, and a great assortment of seasonal ties in beautiful fabrics.

Berg & Berg

Classic menswear through a Scandinavian lens. A great place to find  ties and cardigans. They also have a excellent line of shirting and trousers I'm eager to to try.

Boardroom Socks

High-quality wool dress socks at an affordable price. I've also found the colors they use match the suits and odd trousers I have than some other brands.

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