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Suitsupply Outlet open

Use the code: BIGOUTLET to enter.

The outlet opening now is unexpected, but like other companies hurting from the COVID-19 crisis, I'm sure Suitsupply could use the extra cash flow. Unlike previous times, it's not final sale. With steep discounts, free shipping, and free returns now is the time to try Suitsupply. Here are some of my favorites so far. I'll try to update if I notice they add more items as they often do.

Pieces go out of stock extremely quickly when the outlet opens, so if you like something I suggest you move fast, with free shipping and free returns, it's a low-risk environment.

Make sure you've entered the outlet first though, or it will take you to the landing page.

Starting with pieces I already own and like a lot:

Textured, lightweight three-piece: $400

Blue flannel jacket with peak lapels: $239

Lightweight merino wool cardigan: $55

Now onto some Spring/Summer picks:

This great Solaro double-breasted suit for $349, a navy linen suit that could be worn to work for $250 and, a lovely summer dinner jacket for $250.

Looking to stock up for next Fall/Winter? Start Here:

This herringbone coat was their best coat offered last season and $320 is a great price. The gray double-breasted suit is from the Jort line their highest which normally go for over $1,000 so $599 is a steal. If you already have a navy and charcoal suit, brown should be your next pick-up. Both the solid dark brown and the light brown check are in a delightfully textured alpaca blend for $350.

Non-Tailored Pieces:

I like this ivy-inspired cardigan as a stand-alone casual piece. A good-looking, professional briefcase is hard to find and usually expensive, but this one fits the bill for only $150. Wider-spaced, darker striped shirts are in vogue these days and at $50, this one is a good option to see if the style works for you.

As always let me know if you need help with sizing or deciding between pieces. You can find me at my email, or via DM on Twitter or Instagram.

Also, if you haven't already check out my reviews of Cavour and Anglo-Italian.

About The Author

David lives and works in Washington, D.C. Like many men, his passion for classic menswear began at work, but it was soon obvious few others viewed tailoring as anything other than an unfortunate necessity. So he turned to the online classic menswear community and found a vibrant community of fellow enthusiasts around the world. He hopes this blog can provide others with just a small bit of inspiration on their own sartorial journeys.


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