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Eidos Double-Breasted Officer Coats from No Man Walks Alone

It's a snow day in DC today so I thought it would be a good day to share what I think is the ideal overcoat and one that happens to be on sale at this moment, the Eidos wool/cashmere double-breasted officer coat in grey large herringbone and burgundy offered by No Man Walks Alone.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, No Man Walks Alone is a e-commerce menswear store based in NYC that sells both high-end classic menswear and avante-garde casual clothing.

When I evaluate an overcoat, I have a few criteria I look for and this coat has almost all of them.

1. Quality maker ✔

2. Double-breasted ✔

3. Wide lapels ✔

4. Knee length ✔

5. Vented back

6. Self-belted back

7. Ten button front and functional button holes so the coat can be buttoned all the way up ✔

While I would have preferred to have a vented and self-belted back, it's so rare to have this many of the qualities I prefer in a single coat that I'm seriously tempted.

I'm torn between the plain, but bold burgundy and the more classic, but also busier herringbone. I think either would be a superb addition to anyone's wardrobe.

At $971.75, the coat isn't exactly cheap, but a much better dressed man than me once advised me to buy half as many things at twice the price. Given that I have two coats that cost around $450, this seems like it's right about what I should be buying next. It may be the same for you. Even if it's not, I encourage you to visit the site, scroll through the additional pictures, and admire the craftsmanship that went into this coat.

Until next time,


Update: No Man Walks Alone let me know the code FINAL15 will save you another 15% bringing the price to down to $826. Still not cheap, but as affordable as it'll ever get.

About The Author

David lives and works in Washington, D.C. Like many men, his passion for classic menswear began at work, but it was soon obvious few others viewed tailoring as anything other than an unfortunate necessity. So he turned to the online classic menswear community and found a vibrant community of fellow enthusiasts around the world. He hopes this blog can provide others with just a small bit of inspiration on their own sartorial journeys.


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