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Policy on Free Products and Reviews

I am a menswear enthusiast (hopefully not an addict just yet) who enjoys well-made clothes and elegant accessories. I started this blog to share that passion, so I often write about and link to products from various companies that excite me so you can share in the discovery.


As my social media following has grown , I have sometimes been offered free products  in exchange for a review on my blog or placement on my Instagram feed. Usually this comes from brands I've already purchased from, but occasionally from brands with which I'm unfamiliar.


I accept gifts, but only of products I am reasonably sure I will like in advance and never in exchange for a positive review. I do not accept free products that don't accord with my style or are low-quality. Because of this, reviews are often positive, but I do not censor any unfavorable impressions. As a good practice, any negative feedback is shared with the brand before publishing in order to allow them the chance to comment.  

I use ShareASale, AWIN, VigLink, and Refersion for affiliate links on this site. If you regularly post links to menswear products, I highly recommend you also join these programs.

Picture of A Rake in Progress Author, David, wearing a Colhay's turtleneck and Spier & MacKay gun check sports coat in Rock Creek Park
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